Our history


The history of Bruno Vitali's artisan workshop has a distant origin. It is the history of two generations of artisans and of their passion for their craft.



The workshop was founded in 1952 by Bruno Vitali, who had been working for one of the most important firms of that time. It grew notwithstanding the difficulties of the period. The introduction of the first industrial processes in this field in the Sixties did not affect the basic philosophy of Bruno Vitali's Company.

Photo Bruno Vitali


According to a precise strategy the Company expanded maintaining the characteristic artisan quality and stylistic research of its production.








Photo Vittorio VitaliThe second generation of workers, represented by Bruno Vitali's sons Vittorio and marco, led to an opening towards new foreign markets and to the creation of a more flexible structure, alert to their Customers' demands, though continuing to express a personal flavour in their production.




All articles manufactured by the Bruno Vitali Company immediately stand out within the vast panorama of contemporary Italian silverware because it is produced with artisan rigour and passion.

Photo Marco Vitali The respect for precise artistic and stylistic concepts is mainteined thanks to hand-made manufacturing. 




The inclusion of this Company among the traditional-artistic crafts(Presidential Decree 37/64) obtained in 1999, is a further demonstration that the Company has known how to evolve without disrupting its own basic criteria. It is within this frame of mind that the Company intends to continue.